Unreal Engine 5 and Two Sample projects relaased By Epic Games

Epic Games has recently released the Unreal Engine 5. After the release of its initial release in May the full version is available for download. The key functions of the engine are dynamic global lighting system Lumen Virtualised Micropolygon Geometry system Nanite Virtual Shadow Maps, as well as an the upsampling system to provide Temporal … Read more

Grand Theft Auto 5: Method to Quickly Lower Your Wanted Level

Grand Theft Auto has always encouraged players to cause chaos of every kind in its open worlds. But this doesn’t mean that police won’t attempt to get them to stop in their tracks. Every game has its gameplay around the perpetrators of crimes, and then escaping the police time enough to reduce it’s “Wanted Level” and then … Read more

Garena Free Fire collaborates with Justin Bieber for its 5th Anniversary

Free Fire is set to present its first live performance in-game together in collaboration with Justin Bieber. The singer will release an exclusive song as component of Battle Royale’s anniversary celebrations. The theme is “reunite with the rest of humanity.” Garena has also said that she will bring players back their favorite content, as well as … Read more

Free Fire MAX’s OB35 Advanced Server – Registration, Full Guide & Activation Code

The regular updates keep the conversation alive within the free-fire community across the globe. This is essential to the game because it keeps the game fresh while also making it more accessible for an ever-growing audience. Fire MAX Advance Server Free APK available for OB35 Advance, expected time of release, much more. The OB34 update launched in … Read more