Android 13 May Cut Game Loading Times Significantly for Better Performance

The release of Android 12.0, Google introduced several new features for mobile gamers as well as developers to elevate gamers’ Android game experience to the highest level. Some smartphones, including those in the Pixel 6 series, have the brand new game Dashboard application which gives access to helpful tools like an image shortcut and screen recorder as well as the DND switching feature, and many more when you’re playing. Additionally, the Game Mode API is a new feature that Game Mode API allows developers to optimize their game to get optimal performance or for longer battery life, based on the performance profile chosen by the player. Android 13 is continuing the effort to improve mobile gaming with a few enhancements.

Android 13 May Cut Game Loading Times

As stated from Esper’s Mishaal Rahman, Android 13 includes a new method called setGameState to the GameManager API. This allows games to broadcast their current status in the System. This allows games to transmit the state that is the most important to the game and show whether it’s possible to interrupt it or not. In addition, Games can also use the setGameState to tell the platform if the game is loading assets/resources/compiling/etc. The platform can then send a loading-time hint for the Power HAL, which will enable the GAME_LOADING mode and improve the performance of CPU. It is the responsibility of OEMs to define the level of CPU performance tuning they wish to implement in the event that the GAME_LOADING feature is activated.

This will mean that you’ll be looking less at the first game’s loading screen. Numerous Android OEMs have already implemented various optimizations, like assigning more GPU and CPU resources to speed up game performance.

Based on the model of phone you use, loading times could be more or less. Much of it is dependent on the device you’re using, however it also depends on the application. As per a recent blog entry written by Esper, Android 13 will reduce game’s loading time by a significant amount.

When you’re loading games it’s not just on the GPU and CPU to handle the load. The game’s software must do lots of heavy lifting. It’s possible that Android 13 may discover a way to speed up it easier to get the application running quicker. This is something that was initially thought of in Android 12, but it did not really work out.

What will Android 13 do for Game Load Time ?

This is all in how the game interacts with the program during its in the process of loading. An innovative method has been introduced into the Android GameManager API called setGameState. This API lets the platform know about the game’s status. This is because it can inform the platform that it’s loading something.

If it does it will send an indication at the HAL that it is power in order to enhance the CPU’s performance. The CPU’s performance will be increased for this purpose will improve the speed at which games load. This means that loading times of the game will depend on the phone’s hardware but we’ll observe some improvements in general.

The CPU will devote much more energy to the process load the game. It will afterwards, it will be able to handle other processes following that. To prioritize the process of loading the game it is possible that other processes will experience an increase in performance. Background processes, like those that run in the background may suffer however, you won’t be able to tell.

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