CSC Digipay Commission Structure Chart, CSC Digipay Money Transfer Charges

CSC Digipay Commission Chart, Money Transfer Charges can be checked here. We are going to tell you here that if you run CSC Digipay under CSC Common Service Center, then how much commission you are given on it because many of our Common Service Center operators do not know this. That how much commission will be given to them on CSC Digipay, so here we are going to give you the complete CSC Digipay Commission information in detail so that you do not work with any other Aadhaar payment system because in all of them you will get less commission than this.

And while you know CSC Common Service Center is a trusted company, which provides services to you to avail banking services. So friends, if you want to get all the information related to CSC Digipay Commission List then you have to read this article completely.

CSC Digipay Commission

If you do any balance inquiry through CSC Digipay Money Transfer Charges! So you are not given any commission on this! So if you do balance inquiry of someone! Then that’s your job! You don’t get any money for this, so do as much money transaction as you can, and withdraw money! Because when you withdraw money! So in the end its remaining balance is also told, so that you do not even need to do balance inquiry, so friends if you want to get benefits under CSC Digipay Commission then you have to go to its official website.

CSC Digipay Commission List

S.No.AmountTransaction ChargesNet CSC Digipay Commission Payable To Vle

What is DigiPay

CSC Digipay Commission is a profitable service of CSC, where VLE works as a bank in your rural or near area like you – money transfer, balance check, depositing money etc. Bank related work of your CSC DigiPay is given to these. The service is authorized by the Government of India, so there is no scope of any kind of fraud in it. If you want to send money to any general public of your area or get money from anywhere, then this work can be done through the service of Sahaj Vasudha Kendra at csc center’s Digipay.

CSC Digipay Provided Services

The following services are provided to you within the New CSC Digipay, whose benefits can be extended to the people of rural areas.

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit Coming Soon
  • Bill Pay
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Money Transfer
  • Aadhar To Aadhar Fund Transfer Coming Soon
  • DigiPay Mini Statement

CSC Digipay Money Transfer Charges

We all know that there is a limit imposed by the bank on each one, so that you can do only some limited transactions of each bank, and when this limit is reached, then you can check the cash withdrawal balance inquiry of that bank like Mini Statement. State Bank of India has set the limit of action of its bank. At present, a total of four transactions of this bank can be done within 1 month, apart from this, by giving new information by the State Bank of India, this limit can be increased or decreased, it is determined on the bank, if you check the CSC Digipay Commission. If you want to get more information related to this, you have to visit its official website.

How to install Digipay Android Software on Mobile.

If you want to download CSC Digipay Money Transfer Charges App then you have to follow the procedure given below :-

  • To download Digipay Android Version software, first of all you have to come to play store with the help of given link.
    • Note- CSC Digipay Commission software works on the same mobile. The mobile which has OTG supported service.
  • After downloading the Digipay software, you open the “DiGiPay App”.
CSC Digipay Commission
  • Enter your CSC ID and Aadhaar Number, click on the check box and proceed by clicking on Proceed.
  • After processing, you are using RD Setup in your mobile from whichever company your finger print device or Iris scanner device.
  • Download and install Now after doing the Aadhaar Authentication process with your Irish or fingerprint
  • You will be login to “DiGiPay App” and will be able to do the related work.

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If you want to know under CSC Digipay Commission that how many times you can withdraw money with which bank within 1 month, then you have to contact your CSC District Manager for this information.

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