Destiny 2: Next Raid Date Announced Yesterday for Season 18

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted is closing in on its final day in just one week remaining in the Solstice event, and only a little less than 3 weeks until the beginning season 18. There isn’t much information available about the themes and characters, and the direction it will lead players after The only piece of information available from the Arc 3.0 update. There is however an Destiny 2 showcase planned for August 23rd, which is the date Season 18 will be released and it’s expected it will be an event where Bungie will then discuss the primary focus for the new Season and also the focus associated with The Lightfall expansion.

In the course of Destiny 2’s Year 5, Bungie also stated that a brand new Dungeon would be introduced in Season 17 which is Duality followed by an re-released Raid from Destiny will return at the end of Season 18 and close the year by introducing a second Dungeon during Season 19. Bungie has also stated a few months in the past that the announced Raid will be one of the largest ones, which excludes the Crota’s Endeavor, since it’s on the smaller side. Today’s TWAB, Bungie finally disclosed the date of release for the original Raid which is coming in the games.

The re-released Raid to be played in Season 18 was not revealed in the TWAB however, it’s expected in the same vein as the previous Destiny Raid that makes its appearance in Destiny 2 after Vault of Glass was made available time last year during Season of the Splicer. Both of them rank among the more recognizable Raids in the series and the one that is returning for Season 18 will launch on August 26 at 10 am in the US, according to the TWAB. The decision to not announce the Raid is returning to the franchise isn’t unusual, given the show that will be held that will air on August 23rd.

Destiny 2 Next Raid

The 26th of August is the first Friday in Season 18, and while it might be unexpected that Bungie has decided to launch the Raid early into the season, its power level requirement is 1,560. However, Contest Mode and Challenge Mode will return. It’s also possible that the re-released Raid will include the Master mode to go along with it. However, if it’s the situation, players shouldn’t be expecting to see it in the early season however, rather a few weeks later. This information is not included in the TWAB which is why it’s likely to be made available in the Destiny 2’s forthcoming presentation.

In spite of the fact Bungie cut off communication with fans because of threats to employees, Bungie continues to use TWABs to convey the most important aspects in Destiny 2 News, including the coming Season 18 Raid’s release date. To learn more about how the Raid will include as well as an arc 3.0 update, and more information regarding Season 18’s events, it’s most likely that players have to wait until August’s show.

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