Leaks Suggest that AMD In fact is Launching More RDNA 2 Card This Year


AMD as well as Nvidia are formidable rivals in the design card market both of them trying to outdo the other, particularly when the future of technology is looming. The group green had been rumored to be planning to launch five RTX 40-series GPUs for the Ada Lovelace range, group red is likely have to make sure that it doesn’t lose its place by their RDNA 3 design. RDNA 3 design. However, prior to it happens, there’s still an opportunity to bring more gear that isn’t yet available and it seems that Lisa Su and co might be releasing additional RX cards in the near future.

According to a recent release, possibly AMD may be about to launch new Ryzen 5000/4000 CPUs. There are also some of its Radeon models card lineup that could launch by spring. More specifically there is a possibility that AMD could have uncovered a 6950 XT or 6750 XT as well as 6400. These are clearly speculation at this point however, they could be the final trench venture for the tech giant to push a few additional RDNA two items before the business moves forward.

If they are true, these recent advances will be in line with theories that AMD may be working on three more top-quality GPUs before the age comes to an end. With Nvidia is also planning to show off its highly efficient RTX 3090 Ti and with Intel due to releasing its own assortment of thoughtful cards from the Arc range, the market is likely to become extremely competitive, with each of the three companies trying to catch the attention of buyers at any rate, during this difficult time of low performance.


Although illustrations cards are beginning to lose value, they’re far as they can be over their MSRPs. the ongoing shortage has made it difficult for PC enthusiasts and gamers to purchase new devices without spending a lot more than the chance. It’s not clear how the marketplace will be like in the near future, but it is evident that these technology combinations are quick to in promoting products.

It is likely that there will be additional information on what AMD is planning to do in the event that they plan to release three additional RDNA 2 models. In the wake of RDNA 3 coming not long from the moment and Nvidia is expected to release its 40-series in September, it looks like the race is on , as every organization continues to fight. Maybe the release of a few more GPUs in this day and age could help in keeping costs at a lower level, but this isn’t certain at the moment.

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