Microsoft Enhanced Edge for New Xbox and PC Gaming Features

Microsoft is improving its Edge browser a bit more user-friendly with some Xbox and PC gaming enhancements. Alongside a brand new game-centric homepage and integrated games for casual play, Edge is also getting an Clarity Boost to improve Xbox Cloud Gaming streams and an efficiency mode that prevents Edge from consuming the PC’s resources when gaming.
Efficiency mode has been redesigned and is an exciting feature for PC gamers.

 It is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users can benefit from the ability to enable this efficiency mode within Edge as well as prevent the browser from taking resources while the game is open.”With the new feature you will not have to close your browser to play the game and then restart it after you’re finished. Once you have closed this game Microsoft Edge is able to exit the Efficiency mode, and bring you right back the point you left off,” explains Liat Ben-Zur who is the corporate vice-president of Microsoft’s software and consumer services products.

Microsoft has also added the Clarity Boost feature for Xbox Cloud Gaming. It’s a feature for spatial scaling that is designed to improve the quality of Xbox streamed games appear sharper and clearer. Microsoft is testing the feature for the past six months and the difference is evident due to a variety of improvements to scaling on the client side that improve the quality of visuals on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft has also launched a gaming website for Edge that includes livestreams, gaming news, Xbox content, and an easy way to access Xbox Cloud Gaming. There’s also a brand new games menu within Edge that offers free-to-play arcade and casual games such as Microsoft Solitaire.

The latest Microsoft gaming features are currently available with the latest version of Edge Version 103.

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