Pokemon TCG’s Sword & Shield: Lost Origin Coming in September

The Pokemon TCG has announced that it will be launching what’s most likely the last expansion of this game’s Sword & Shield era this September.
Lost Origin continues the evolution to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, by providing us with more regional variations it first introduced in the newly released Astral Radiance.

As per the Pokemon Company, Lost Origin will be focused on Giratina VSTAR which “plunges the world into the abyssal shadow of the Lost Zone”. Alongside other VSTAR Pokemon (introduced in Brilliant Stars) In addition, we’ll receive more the Astral Radiance’s Radiant Pokemon, and of course V and VMAX Pokemon which have been the foundation of for the Sword & Shield era.

Pokemon TCG's Sword & Shield: Lost Origin

While we’ve not seen any of the cards from Lost Origin However, it’s been established the following cards will be in play: Magnezone, Drapion, Kyurem VMAX as well as Radiant Gardevoire will be headlining the set. While this expansion is located in the ‘Lost Zone rather than Hisui however, we’ll receive additional Pokemon that are from this region like Enamorus V, Hisuian Goodra along with Hisuian Zoroark.

Like you’d think of from an expansion named Lost Origin, it has been confirmed that we’ll see returning to this Lost Zone mechanic last seen in the Sun & Moon era expansion Lost Thunder. Lost Zone Lost Zone is effectively Magic The Gathering’s exile the place that allows cards to be completely eliminated from the game, instead of being put in an unplayed pile (or graveyard or graveyard, as they’re called when it comes to Magic).

Instead of being a place where cards can sit , and then be ineffective, there are some cards that make use of this Lost Zone in interesting ways. For instance, Sun & Moon: Cosmic Eclipse’s Whimsicott includes The Lost March attack, which is more damaging for every Pokemon you encounter inside the Lost Zone.

Sword & Shield: Lost Origin will come with three different Radiant Pokemon, six new VSTAR cards 14, Pokemon V, one VMAX along with thirty new cards to The regular Trainer Gallery. This Trainer Gallery has been a frequent feature of the latest expansions. It features famous trainers along with their own Pokemon.

The interesting thing is that this expansion will be released earlier than usual, and won’t hit the shelves until September 9th 2022. This could be due to the imminent arrival to the 9th generation, with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in November, as well as the first series of the TCG we’re hoping to see be released following it. If this is indeed the case it doesn’t just explain the reason Standard rotation was delayed until early 2023, but it could also suggest the possibility that Lost Origin may be the final game we’ll see during the Sword & Shield period.

Sword & Shield: Lost Origin will be available in booster packs, booster boxes the Elite Trainer boxes, and brand new bundles with six boosters, on September 9, 2022.

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