Remedy Entertainment Gives Updates on its 5 Upcoming Games in Production

Remedy Entertainment is the developer of Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Control provides updates on their forthcoming games, with the dates for release. Remedy Entertainment is recognized for its distinctive stories-driven games that usually are based on a mix of dark sci-fi elements that are set in a spooky setting. Control, for instance follows the player on their quest to locate their missing brother inside a facility which has been taken over by an alien entity.

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Alan Wake has the titular novelist who is on the hunt for his wife who is missing. In essence, Remedy is a studio that gamers are usually attracted to, which led to a lot of curiosity during a recent earnings report, it gave information on five projects that it was planning to release in the pipeline. Remedy’s CEO Tero Vitala spoke out in the wake of the release of the financial results report.

Then, Virtala tackled the upcoming and much-anticipated sequel Alan Wake. Alan Wake 2 was given the trailer to announce the game at the Game Awards 2021, but since then, there haven’t been many details released regarding the game’s design, aside from the fact that it’s an survival horror game. Many speculated the possibility that Alan Wake 2 could be some time away, however Virtala hopes that Alan Wake 2 will be released in 2023. He declares “Alan Wake 2 is currently in the final stage of production.”

Alan Wake 2 will not be an action-adventure game like the first game and it will include survival elements of horror. It’s not yet clear what these will look like since Alan Wake 2 was just revealed the concept art in conjunction with the launch the Alan Wake anniversary edition. The game Remedy mentioned is Codename Vanguard, which will be released in collaboration by Tencent. It is not known much concerning Codename Vanguard, but it will be a live service title with elements of cooperative play. As per Virtala, Codename Vanguard has been making progress over the last few months.

The two following games will also be given Codename names as well as spin-offs from Control. Codename Condor is in the stage of proof-of-concept as is Codename Heron is currently in the prototyping stage, while development is continuing. Codename Heron is reportedly the more popular of both with reports and speculation generally pointing to the possibility that it’s going to be an expansion of Control. According to Remedy that both games are looking for the right technology and tools for the future games that it has in its catalog.

The last in the series is the remakes that are part of Max Payne. While Remedy is in the process of the remaking of Max Payne 1 and 2 and Max Payne 2, the game will release in a single game according to the terms of the company’s contract with Rockstar. With the two first Max Payne games getting the remake treatment, some fans would have liked to see the entire trilogy consisting of Max Payne games be remastered to complete the set.

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