Udyog/Udyam Aadhaar Registration: udyamregistration.gov.in Portal for MSME’s

Udyam Registration Portal for New MSME’s 2021 Registration for Free at udyamregistration.gov.in. The Government of India has launched a portal named udyamregistration.gov.in for Udyam Registration last year. Some conditions have also been established by the central government for the Udyam Registration Portal. All those applicants of India who are interested in getting themselves registered according to the enterprise registration will have to fill the Udyam Registration Form. Only after this you can get Udyam Registration Certificate. Now all the applicants who are interested in the registration as per Udyamregistration.gov.in can check the details online. All the applicants can get all the details very easily because of online mode.

Udyam Registration Portal

Now for a business in India, apart from giving knowledge to the central government, Udyam registration has also been made necessary. The Central Government and the State Government continue to issue new schemes for the development of new entrepreneurs. Because these new businesses only help in increasing employment opportunities for the youth of our country. This is the reason why registration on udyamregistration.gov.in has been made mandatory.

Aadhar Card For Udyam Registration

Now to register the enterprise on the Udyam Registration Form, the owner’s Aadhar card number will be required. This is the reason why the applicant must have his Aadhar card before filling the Udyam Registration Certificate. Anyway, now the Government of India has made Aadhar card one of the most essential documents for any scheme campaign or any government or private sector registration process. Also for …… you will need self declaration by some person for other details regarding registration.

Udyam Registration Certificate

Regarding Udyam Registration, a big decision has been taken in the concerned department on 1st July 2020. According to this decision, now a person is no longer required to upload documents to register himself under udyamregistration.gov.in. Now any person can get himself registered on Udyamregistration.gov.in Portal with Aadhaar number as well. Along with this, they will also need a declaration. The central government’s objective behind this new change is that due to the easy registration process, more people will be able to think without any worry about opening new businesses to increase the number of visitors.

Integration of System of Income Tax & GST with Enterprise Registration

For your information, we would like to tell you here that now the system of Income Tax and GST has also been integrated with enterprise registration. The enterprise is also known as MSME whose full form is Micro Small Medium Enterprises. Not only this, certain criteria have also been prescribed under enterprise registration. Decisions have also been taken on the turnover and investment of MSME business according to these parameters. Investment in machinery or equipment or plant turnover also becomes a core function under these criteria which is counted at the time of classification of the enterprise.

New Precision of Micro Small Medium Enterprises

Micro Enterprises: A micro enterprise is an enterprise in which the investment or purchase of plant and machinery or related equipment is less than one crore rupees as per the criteria. In such a situation, the turnover also does not exceed Rs 5 crore, such enterprises have been kept in micro enterprises.

Small Enterprises: If we talk about small enterprises, then the investment for plants and their equipment and machinery is less than Rs 10 crore. The turnover of these enterprises is also less than Rs 50 crore, so all such enterprises are counted under small enterprise.

Medium Enterprises: Under Medium Enterprises all those enterprises come where the investment is less than 50 crores. In such industries, this investment is made for plant machinery or equipment. The turnover of these enterprises has also been calculated as Rs 250 crore or less.

Udyam Registration Fee

The concerned department has made available the facility of Udyam Registration at Udyamregistration.gov.in. To take advantage of this facility, the Udyam Registration Form will need to be submitted. Along with this, we want to tell you here that under the registration on the Udyam Registration Portal, you will not have to pay any kind of registration fee. So if you have an existing enterprise but you have not yet registered for it, then you can follow the related process as soon as possible and get your Udyam Registration Certificate.

Benefits of Udyam Registration

  • This facility gives you concession on electricity bills.
  • After Udyam Registration you can get loan from bank for your enterprise through Aadhar card.
  • Not only this, you are also provided with the facility of online subsidy of 1% interest rate on Audi of all banks.
  • Protection against late payment has also been made under this scheme.
  • If you do Udyam registration then you are also reimbursed the fee for ISO certification.
  • Up to 50% discount is also provided on registration of trademark with Udyam Registration Certificate.
  • Udyam Registration Certificate provides the facilities recognized under the central government.
  • This facility also makes the process of opening your current account easy.
  • The process of getting approval, registration and license also becomes easy with this online facility.
  • The government has also decided to exclusively tender to MSMEs.
  • Under the MSME Act, exemption will also be provided under direct tax laws and industrial incentive subsidy.
  • The computation of investment in plant and equipment or machinery under the Income Tax Act 1961 is based on the income tax return filed by the previous year. Along with this, MSME is also considered as a tangible asset but once it works properly, there will be many benefits.

Udyam Registration Form

As per the notification given by the ministry, when computing the turnover of the company for enterprises, the export of both services and goods shall be excluded at that time. This decision has been taken for all small, medium or micro enterprises. As soon as the enterprises register themselves through Udyamregistration.gov.in, they will be measured by the department as per all the criteria.

Udyam Online Registration Process

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of the enterprise registration portal. After this the home page of the website will open in front of you.
Udyam Registration
  • On the home page of the website, you have to click on the option given for the New Enterprise (which has not yet registered under the Ministry of MSME). After that a new page will open in front of you.
Udyam Registration
  • On this page you will see the Udyam Registration Form. In this form, first you have to click on the check box.
  • After that click on the option to verify your mobile number through OTP. Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number through SMS.
  • Enter this OTP in the OTP box provided and then press the Validate button.
  • At last you will get a message of Aadhar Number Registration for Enterprise. After that you have to fill all the required information for the process of registration.
  • After filling all the information submit your application. In this way your registration process will be completed.

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