Xbox Subscription: Game Pass Price Cut in India announced Starting from April 1

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has provided some interesting advantages when they launched their game pass in India such as users receiving 8 months of membership for Rs. 699 when they purchase their first subscription for the pass. The company has made it explicit to focus on the Indian market by having reduced the price of the Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass as well as Xbox Live Gold. 

The new game pass plans give players discounts of 28% across all of their subscriptions for Indian users. The company will begin to inform its customers about the price reduction starting on March 21. The new plans will become available beginning in April 2022. Customers can go to the official website to purchase an annual subscription. Check out the full list of the latest price of Game Pass below. 

If you have an PC as well as an Xbox console, buying the PC Game Pass or a Console Game Pass will give them access to the most recent Xbox games on the day of their release. In addition, gamers are also able to play any game that was previously released for the console, such as Halo Infinite, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 5, Rainbox Six Siege, and numerous others. If you own both an Xbox console and PC then you can purchase Game Pass ultimate. Game Pass ultimate, which allows you to access the game pass for both PC as well as console. 

Microsoft also addressed the recent price cuts , saying “We constantly evaluate the cost for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold on an individual level in order to best provide customers in every country. The price reductions were informed determined by specific market trends in every country. This is just an extension of price changes that we did in a few countries late in the year.” 

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